Vizio P65-F1 vs Vizio M65-F0

Vizio P65-F1

Vizio P65-F1Vizio P65-F1 is great mid-range TV, with similar specs to the M65-F1. It also has fantastic image quality, Dolby Vision support and Full-Array local dimming.




Vizio M65-F1

Vizio M65-F0Vizio M65-F1 is a step down from the P-Series, however it’s still a great TV. You still have Full-Array local dimming and Dolby Vision Support.




 Vizio P65-F1Vizio M65-F0
Model Year20182018
Resolution4K UHD4K UHD
Display TypeLEDLED
Backlight TypeFull-ArrayFull-Array
Local Dimming Zones10040
HDR SupportHDR10, Dolby Vision, HLGHDR10, Dolby Vision, HLG
Smart TV OSVizio SmartCast with Chromecast built-inVizio SmartCast with Chromecast built-in


Key Differences Between Sony 65″ x900F and Vizio P65-F1

  1. Dimmable Zones

    Both the Vizio P65-F1 and Vizio M65-F0 have Full-Array Local Dimming. The P-Series comes out slightly ahead of M-Series with 60 more dimmable zones. This will mean that the M-Series will have noticeably more blooming. Black levels and contrast will not be as good.

  2. Upscaling

    You won’t be able to notice any differences between the upscaling on these two televisons.


The decision between these two televisions is difficult. The only major difference between the two is the amount of dimmable zones. Since the P-Series has more zones, you’ll have deeper blacks and less blooming. However, for the average consumer, you probably won’t notice the difference in your day to day use. If you’re looking for something budget friendly, you cannot go wrong with the M-Series. The P-Series will only be a slight step up, only because of more dimmable zones.

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